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Remove derogatory items that are inaccurate and unverifiable and holding back the credit scores you need to be approved for financing.

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Credit is the backbone of your financial well being. It is used to determine your eligibility when financing a home, buying a car, and even getting utilities. With less than perfect credit you can end up spending thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest rates and penalties and even stop you from buying your new home.

At Kredit Kleanse, we help improve your credit by removing inaccurate and unverifiable items that hold back your credit scores. By using consumer protection laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we dispute items that you believe are inaccurate. With over a decade of experience we assist Real Estate and or Mortgage professionals position our clients to get ready for the home buying process.

No matter what your reason for repairing your credit, we are here to help!



The credit bureaus collect data from your creditors and put all that data into 1 centralized credit “report”. The credit bureaus collect millions of pieces of data everyday and often times there are errors on the accounts. By using our dispute strategy, we are able to remove these errors from your credit report so you can have the scores you deserve and remove those devestating errors caused by the credit bureaus.

When the credit bureaus will not remove the errors, we go straight to the creditors to dispute and validate the accounts. Doing this gives us the extra push we need to remove the errors that are holding back your credit scores.



Making sure you understand what is happening with your credit repair is important to us. To help you through this process we give you 24/7 access to your account online with our client portal as well as access to our support team. At any time during the credit repair process you can reach out to get your questions answered and make sure your case is on track.

When you want results and support, the Kredit Kleanse Credit Repair Service is the best answer for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more about how we can help your personal situation.

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Since 2019, we have been educating people and helping them to achieve their goals. You can maximize your efforts with an asset that’s readily at your disposal…Credit. After cleansing your credit and building your profile, you can buy that house, car, dream vacation, surgery, college or even start that business/ Real-estate Venture you always wanted. credit repair credit counseling.

We are a family oriented company that strives for excellence in our brand. Money isn’t our objective it is merely a bi-product of doing what we love to do; helping people. This is our way to help change the world. The day this become about the money for us we will no longer do this. We strongly believe the measure of a Woman/Man is the impact you leave on your community.

Dispute Items Holding Back Your Credit Scores

We create personalized dispute letters to challenge errors on derogatory accounts that are holding back your credit scores such as:




Charge Offs






Late Payments




Tax Liens




Personal Data


Medical Bills


Reporting Errors


& Much More!


Take Control of Your Credit!

You can start improving your credit scores and we can help. Schedule a free credit review today and take the next step to achieving your financial dreams!


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