About Us

1st we Kleanse Credit


Starts with learning how credit works. Go over what is hurting your credit. Remove items that are negatively impacting your credit score

2nd Build Credit


Recommendations on secure credit cards, credit building installments, and tradelines 

Lastly Funding


high limit credit cards 10K+

lines of credit and more



Late payments

35% of your credit score is payment history, if you have a lot of missed or late payments no way you will get approved by lenders.

Hard Inquiries

Too many inquiries makes us appear desperate and needed, which shows a lack of finance stability.

We can also remove...

judgements, liens, evictions, and repossessions


Nothing hurts your credit score quite like a collection.  To see your credit score plummet 100 points at one time is heart retching.

Charge off Accounts

The words charged off will get you a quick denial if you are looking for new credit, even if it was 5 years ago it still matters to some lenders.


7 years is a long time to take a credit time out. Some lenders will instantly deny you if you have ever had a bankruptcy, even after 7 years. If you are ready to take back control of your financial situation contact us now.