Nearly 80% of All Credit Reports Have Errors

We can help you remove errors on your credit report that are holding back your credit scores. Sign up today for a free review of all 3 Credit Reports and Scores and find out what’s on your credit and how we can help you repair it.

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Home Ownership

Get your credit ready to purchase a new home.

Automobile Purchase

Take advantage of lower rates and fees.

Credit Cards

Get access to high limit credit cards

Business Funding

Structure your business to receive access to high limit funding

Kredit Kleanse Consulting Will

Look at your current credit score and walk you through step by step.

Sign Up For Credit Repair

We understand how difficult it is to save money with high interest rates on credit cards, that’s why we offer different monthly credit repair plans.

Reduce Stress

As we work with you to improve your credit score. We start disputing and removing the negative items that cause your credit score to be low.

Help You Improve Your Credit Scores

You start to receive dispute letters from the credit bureaus in the mail and send them back to us. Most of the time, the negative items have been removed. If not, we dispute them again on your behalf.


Dispute Items Holding Back Your Credit Scores

We create personalized dispute letters using consumer protection laws to challenge errors on derogatory accounts that are holding back your credit scores such as:




Charge Offs






Personal Data


Late Payments




Tax Liens




And Much More

Find Out What’s On Your Credit Report

How We Help Improve Your Credit

Start Seeing Results in as Little as 30 to 45 Days

On average our clients successfully graduate our services in only 4 to 6 months and start seeing results within the first 30 days. Here is how we help you improve your credit:


FREE Credit Review

It starts with determining what is reporting on your credit reports and developing a personalized action plan to repair the issues.


Credit Audit

Get a detailed report on what is showing on your credit report as well as how to optimize your credit mix and balances to maximize your scores.

Credit Repair

We create personalized disputes with TransUnion, Experian, Equifax, and Creditors to remove the errors that are holding back your credit scores.

Credit Coaching

Have a credit expert review your credit report and give you professional advice on what you can do to reach your financial goals.

We’re the professionals with the personal touch

24/7 Online Support

Follow your status online with your own personal credit portal.

Personalized Attention

We keep you informed the entire time so you know exactly what’s happening.


Expert Service

We provide top quality service and personal attention to your case to help you achieve your financial goals.


I was able to see results within a month with Kredit Klense. Very professionalal. Highly recommend, great company.

Kymberlee' Dodd

Very attentive and professional, quick to respond to message and address the needs of their clients.

Renee Gomas

Received a consultation today and I cant wait to see the results! She is very knowledgeable and excited about helping others reach their credit goals . I highly recommend this company!

Brandi Boston Jones

Awesome energy and even better results. Thanks for the life changing experience.

Pat Biznez

I was worried when I first got involved with kredit kleanse but I’m so happy that I did it’s amazing service and you will be surprise how much you find out about credit and the laws to it as well the many blessings that you will be able to do with a better score and cleaned up credit very good and supportive and will give you a lot of knowledge and information on any and everything you have a question or concern about I recommend anyone needing help or just a few things about credit they need help with anything choose kredit kleanse I’m definitely happy and proud customer

Janay Spiller



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