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Who is Kredit Kleanse?

Founded and owned by Kyra Dodd and Keem Chambers, we are a family oriented company that

strives for excellence in our brand. We are motivated by past personal experiences and have been

educating and helping people achieve their credit goals since 2019.

Let’s make it possible!

The business of good credit is the niche that Keem Chambers and Kyra Dodd have made a living on. But, when they’re not upping credit scores or raising the family they have together, they’re going above and beyond for anyone who needs help.

Chambers and Dodd began their business “Kredit Kleanse” back in April of 2019. A bad experience is what motivated them to help others.

“We started the business after a terrible experience,” Chambers said.

“We gave $4,200 to someone to help fix our credit, and they didn’t. We were able to fix it ourselves.”

So, Chambers and Dodd began using that focus to help others, and it wasn’t limited to paying customers.

“We help those who want to help themselves,” Dodd said.

And with good reason.

Dodd, a Texas native, worked as a nurse for 9 years. At some point, she said she was unable to work and said having credit definitely would have made things easier.

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At Kredit Kleanse we want to restore, protect and leverage your credit. Our home base is in Killeen Texas

but we service all areas across the U.S. with our years of experience we can assist in person as well as

remotely while creating industry-leading results. We create a strategy to remove errors on your credit

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